Web Presence

Get Noticed

More often that not, your web presence is your first point of contact for Clients, existing and prospective.

It is therefore essential to set up and maintain that web presence effectively. Professional web design and maintenance by GPVA will make sure that the initial view of your company is on point.

We have elected to make use of WordPress for all our websites. This allows us to develop and deploy within days (depending on the complexity of the site).

And while considering your website, keep in mind the power of Live Web Chat. If you have a visitor on your site, we can use the chat function to turn the visit into a lead.

On Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are already major ports of call for people looking for information and references on your business. GPVA will monitor and manage interactions with due care to take even the most negative of critiques to a successful resolution, while maintaining your good reputation.

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