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Our people have extensive experience in Providing & Managing ICT Services

Information & Communication Technologies provide the backbone of modern businesses. We are all using email on an hourly basis. To send and receive emails, we need reliable networks. And let’s not forget about the desktops, laptops for running your accounting, your mobile devices to stay in touch and printers for invoicing…… Our ICT Services are ready and equipped.

Network services, workstation equipment and infrastructure is readily available, but which solution is the right one for YOUR business? Who will manage it? Are there any Service Level Agreements in place? How do we prevent down time and data losses?

GPVA provides Services to answer these (and more) questions

We have selected Bloodhound as our primary tool for monitoring and managing ICT Infrastructure.

Bloodhound is built on Best Of Breed management technologies that simplify the management and maintenance of Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Devices and other equipment on your network.

ArchNuity is a South African developed product that works hand in hand with Microsoft Exchange, to keep your mails safe and flowing.

In this heavily regulated business arena, businesses are required to retain business documents, and this includes email. ArchNuity’s system is built with this in mind and will keep your documents safe.

And email being an essential business service, ArchNuity also provides email continuity. So if/when your mail server is undergoing maintenance, you are still in contact.

Aside from Bloodhound and ArchNuity, GPVA has the capabilities and relationships to fully service your business infrastructure needs, regardless of the size of the organisation.

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