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While you focus on your core business, let GPVA handle your essential communications and infrastructure technologies.

Web Presence:

Basic website design and hosting, Facebook and Twitter management and Live Web Chat. Online platforms are often the first point of contact for businesses, so let us make sure you have the presence and that it is well managed. Click here for more

Advanced Telephony:

From advanced call centre power diallers to basic PBX requirements, we have partnered with companies to offer our clients the appropriate telephony solutions. Scalable telephony solutions allow you to only pay for what you use, and nothing more. And our VoIP partners have provided competitive call rates, while maintaining call quality. Click here for more

GPVA ICT Services:

Information and Communication technologies should be enabling your business. The right solutions and the right service providers will ensure that this is exactly the case. And GPVA can design, implement and maintain those technologies. Click here for more

GP Virtual Assistance:

The modern business person does not have the time to manage daily tasks such as call answering, email sending, researching, delivering and so on. By making use of a shared resource for these tasks, GPVA can offer pricing that beats hiring a PA permanently. Click here for more

Technology today allows you to be just about anywhere and still have the finger on the pulse of your business and your clients. And that’s why we believe that leveraging of technology is the best, most efficient way of providing services. And enables GPVA to handle your comms from pretty much anywhere in the world.

Wherever you are, we are!

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Web Presence

Get Noticed

More often that not, your web presence is your first point of contact for Clients, existing and prospective.

It is therefore essential to set up and maintain that web presence effectively. Professional web design and maintenance by GPVA will make sure that the initial view of your company is on point.

We have elected to make use of WordPress for all our websites. This allows us to develop and deploy within days (depending on the complexity of the site).

And while considering your website, keep in mind the power of Live Web Chat. If you have a visitor on your site, we can use the chat function to turn the visit into a lead.

On Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are already major ports of call for people looking for information and references on your business. GPVA will monitor and manage interactions with due care to take even the most negative of critiques to a successful resolution, while maintaining your good reputation.

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Whether it’s basic business calling or bulk outbound sales calling, most modern businesses need some form of telephony.

GPVA provides and manages hosted telephony for just about any size business. Hosted PBX means that wherever you go, your office is with you. A basic soft phone app installed on your smart phone, will connect to the cloud via any reliable data medium. So your PA can transfer those urgent calls to you, and vice versa.

Call Centres need solid infrastructure, and given our experience in this field, we can advise on and provide scalable dialler solutions. And given the high call volumes consumed in call centres, managing costs is key to sustainable operations. GPVA has built relationships with providers in order to bring best value for money to the table.

While call cost is a major consideration in call centres, call quality should feature right up there. Good call quality reduces call times and improves overall client perception. GPVA has selected services providers with these two key points in mind and can therefore give your business the best balance.

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Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant services allow you, the busy business owner, to get on with the job of making money.

While you are landing that major deal or servicing that big client, GPVA will make sure no call goes unanswered. Our professional agents will answer calls, take messages and answer basic queries. If you are making use of our Hosted PBX service, your virtual PA can transfer calls to you.

Document Handling, Editing & Printing: We are skilled in business correspondence. Send the draft of your documents to GPVA and we’ll edit and format the draft to give it the professional polish your business needs. We will also arrange for documents to be delivered, by hand, to the destination.

  • Typing – MS Word
  • Bookkeeping
  • Proofreading
  • Telephone communication
  • Written communication
  • Record keeping
  • Scheduling
  • Spreadsheets – MS Excel
  • Electronic filing
  • Data Entry

And so much more!

Pricing starts at R175/hour, and discounts apply when signing on for monthly or weekly packages…

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About GPVA

GPVA was born after Ian Graham-Parker saw a space in the market to provide ICT Infrastructure and related services to small and medium businesses.

SME’s contribute significantly to the South African economy. It makes sense to assist those business owners and get on with delivering services and products to clients.

Business owners should focus on their core businesses while GPVA handles the critical, but non-core aspects such as web presence, voice communications, outsourced reception, ICT Systems and so on.

Ian has several years experience in ICT Services Management, Call Centre Operations as well as ICT Project Management. He has developed relationships with businesses and individuals that share his vision of client service excellence and value for money.

Supporting Ian, is Joan Graham-Parker. She has over 40 years experience in corporate South Africa. Joan has served as Personal Assistant to several high level executives, has run bookkeeping for large international corporates and small businesses, and has run her own business. Her greatest strength is in  building relationships, which is key to achieving success.

And with a steadily growing network of people and businesses, GPVA is ready to take your business to new heights.

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